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Harrison Barrow, Attorney At Law

Results Through Advocacy. Not Just Talk.

Don't give up the ship

Unless the Commonwealth proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty of a crime, you're presumed to be innocent.

Don't give up the ship! Get a Cape Cod Criminal Defense Lawyer who will fight for you and your innocence.

Domestic Violence Charges

The legislature has just made the penalties for many domestic violence charges a lot worse. This past August, the legislature passed "An act relative to domestic violence." This means police and prosecutors are hyper-vigilant, looking for any possible violation in these new provisions of the law. We'll investigate all the ways you can avoid exposure to these harsher penalties.

An attorney to fight for you, a phone call away

My name is Harrison T. Barrow III, I'm a North Chatham criminal defense attorney, and I may be able to help you. A guilty verdict could cost you money, time, and most importantly, your freedom. But being charged is just the first step. There are more hurdles for the Commonwealth: The police may have violated the constitution when they stopped, searched, arrested, or interrogated you. A criminal defense attorney knows the law and can catch these issues; and you have a constitutional right to be represented by an attorney.

Operating Under the Influence Cases

In Massachusetts, we call it "Operating under the influence of intoxicating liquors" or OUI. For most people, you know it as DUI, DWI, or drunk driving. Whatever you call it, it can all spell the same thing: a big problem for you and your license. The sooner you start to fight these cases, the better it usually is. We will fight for you and your right to drive.

Representation: Arrest through Trial

A call tonight can save your license or your freedom now. If you or a loved one are arrested, your best line of defense is an attorney at the station with you. A call to 508-945-1400 (or toll-free at 844-945-1400) can have an attorney working to get you released within minutes.

Loved one charged with a crime?

Often, the best thing you can do to help your loved one is to encourage them to get proper legal representation as early as possible. We can help fight the case from the earliest stages of investigation, rather than waiting for the police to strengthen their case before charging.

Results through advocacy. Not just talk

Very simply: We will fight for you at every level of your case. We prepare every case to go to trial. Some don't get to trial. But we will only accept a plea bargain if, after long and careful consultation with you, it appears to be in your best interests. You are the boss. At the end of the day, this is your life we are talking about.

As an old mentor told me, "all roads lead to closing argument." We will prepare and investigate your felony or misdemeanor case with constant attention to the stakes: your liberty, your life, and your happiness.

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Practice Areas

Gun Charges

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Whether you're just looking for advice or facing minimum mandatory jail time, give us a call.


In Massachusetts, drunk driving is known as "operating under the influence," or "OUI." Whatever you call it, it can spell big trouble for your driving and your freedom.

Drug Defense

A drug charge can put your life on hold. We handle drug possession and distribution charges every day to help clients get their lives back on track.

Domestic Assault

The stigma of an assault charge can carry with you. Don't let a false accusation get you off-track. Call an attorney who has handled hundreds of these cases.

White Collar

Financial crimes and fraud catch headlines and sometimes jail time. We appreciate how delegate these matters can be and specialize in discretion.

Sex Crimes

Few things can be as terrifying as being accused of a sexual crime. These crimes carry serious sentences and/or registration as a sex offender. Few other types of cases require as early investigation and work. An experienced criminal defense attorney can hit the ground running.


Harrison Barrow, Attorney At Law is committed to answering your questions about criminal law issues in Massachusetts.

We'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.