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Posted by Harrison Barrow | Nov 06, 2014

This post is a compilation of helpful resources. It's really geared more toward practicing attorneys, but that is not to discourage anyone from reading it. Just remember that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Also, I apologize, as I've also had to remove many of the paid resources I use for copyright reasons. Except for where I say otherwise, I am not the copyright holder for these works.


  • YAD Courtroom Practice Guide to Bail
  • YAD Courtroom Bail Revocation Guide

Probation Violations

  • YAD Guide to Probation Violation
  • YAD Probation Outline
  • District Court Rules on Probation Violation


  • YAD Guide to Introducing Evidence


  • Offenses within Dist. Ct. Crim. Jurisdiction
  • Complaint Manual


  • Blumenson's Mass. Criminal Procedure
  • Sentencing Guidelines
  • BBO Lookup
  • Mass. Prosecutor's Guide ($)
  • Guide to Legal Citations (Cornell)

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